Industry Wise Digital Marketing

The Marketing Industry in India is gigantic, with a huge number of companies and start-ups established in recent times. They are spending a huge amount of money on digital marketing.
Since the last few decades, a revolution has taken place in the tech world. With the
advancement of technology, people have advanced themselves too. It is because of this reason itself; people prefer digital content over print content. Optimized Infotech is one such place who is offering a wide solution of digital marketing.
Digital marketing is the need of every industry, be it Television, Print, Radio, Gaming or any other Industry. The drastic shift of people from print media to online media has changed the way we advertise. Earlier, the advertisements were used to be given in the newspapers, journals, posters and banners were placed on the streets advertise a product. But, things have changed a lot with the innovation of technology. It is generally preferred to normally install an application on the mobile and receive a buzz whenever there is a new update.

Industries may be classified into the following broad categories:
–  Print
–  Online
–  Radio
–  E-commerce
– Telecom
–  Travel
–  Educational
It should be carefully understood that the requirement of Digital marketing in each industry is different. The Print Media Advertising is expected to increase only by 1.2% (from 8.5% in 2014 -9.7% in 2019). Other related industries like Educational, Radio, IT and many more are expected to show comparatively more growth. The fact is that even today, the print media along with Digital Media continue to dominate the advertising segment in India.
As the Marketing in this digitalized era is shifting more towards mobile phones than laptops and desktops, it would be necessary to understand the importance of digital marketing through cell phones. Industry wise digital marketing should be done with proper care and caution. How much advertising is needed, what should be the target audience, what kind of content should be advertised to the public are few important points that should be taken care of and strategically planned to implement digital marketing according to the type of industry.

Among various industries, the utmost need of digital marketing is with small business holders. It is very difficult to manage a business online as business generally rise and fall based on they adapt to the digital media. Many small business holders have established their business within the market by taking a strong hold over digital marketing.
Digital success can be measured by checking the following key points:
1. The number of traffic generated on your website.
2. See how people react to your business products/ your services.
3. See if the native customers are discussing among themselves and with others about your business.
In today’s time, the following sectors are key drivers of digital marketing.
 Legal Industry – Never heard of one, but the truth is that Legal industry has been one of
the most important key driving factors of digital marketing. Though Bar councils in most
countries do not permit any Law firms or Lawyers to advertise themselves, Attorneys
are writing blogs under the name tag of their Law Firm, providing free legal guidance to
many people which are another way of marketing digitally.
 Health – The health sector has also emerged as the key driving factor of digital
advertising. Booking an appointment with the doctors, getting prescribed medicines is
the new avatar of health consultation.
 Auto – one of the most successful business and a major key driving factor in digital
marketing is Auto industry. Waiting too long to book a cab is old fashioned now. Users
can now book a cab from home and can track their entire journey on their phone.
 Entertainment – A movie would not do great business if the release date of the movie is
not shared with the audience. Press releases, Radio interviews, Reality Shows have
become a new trend to advertise.
Digital Marketing is developing at the quickest rate in contrary to the other media and we are
offering the advanced services. It is considered as the best and a productive publicizing method
where clients can be focused on the basis of their age group, interest, location, mobile devices