Modules That Help To Plan A Digital Marketing Strategy

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Modules That Help To Plan A Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a vast ideology and there are too many facets to it. Amongst which, modules of digital marketing play a vital role while planning a strategy. So, what are these modules? Let’s explore.

1.Search Engine Optimization

Without a proper search engine optimization fondly called SEO, your website is definitely going to witness downhill. Today, Google is tweaking its algorithm a thousand times, and amidst that, to target the right audience, at the right time is immensely important. And that is successfully achieved by SEO while targeting the right set of keywords. Furthermore, there is on-page as well as off-page success factors.   

2.Content Marketing

Content plays a pivotal role in digital marketing and it is the hottest topic on the platter. Content marketing is not limited to the writing blog post, articles or social media post but has a huge perspective to it. More and more ads are becoming efficient, wonder why? Because they bask in the glory of unique content. However, it is important to have a hierarchy for content marketing – planning, creating and promoting. You must promote it earnestly so that they reach the right audience.       

3.Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach out to a global audience then presence on social media is a prerequisite. Today, several businesses are operating through social media handles and are enjoying tonnes of turnover. The likes, comments, trolling they get, helps them better for framing the most productive strategy ever. Social media helps you in knowing the behavioral patterns of the prospects.

4.Email Marketing

Email marketing is another form of striking communication with your clientele. With email marketing, you directly land in their inbox and stay there until you are deleted. With this, when a lead is looking for a solution, he gets it quickly after browsing through the mailbox. Above all, it is an immensely cost-effective solution and you own a list for yourself. In fact, a study highlighted that there are people who spend almost 138% on products that are marketed by email.


Without analytics, you will never be able to guess the traffic generated by your business. Analytics help in determining the location, likes, dislikes, their actions, the time they spent, etc. With data like this, you can devise a strategy that will not only help you with leads but bring business continuously. And Google Analytics is considered to be the best among the lot.

6.Search Engine Marketing

It is always productive to get organic traffic but if you are targeting the bigger world, then you have to think big. And search engine marketing (SEM) helps you gain that visibility. With SEM, you can enroll for paid advertisements that appear on the results of the search engine. Often called as pay-per-click ads, they come in various forms like – text-based or image-based. Again, in SEM too, you have to keep an eye on keywords because that help you gain visibility. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, are some of the big players in the industry.