Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017

With billions of active users, the popularity of social media marketing is on the rise. Almost every marketer is availing the benefits of social media trends to increase the sales, promote online visibility, build reputation and reach to potential clients. Social media is not about getting lots of likes and increase the number of followers. But, it is method to know more about buying behaviors, demands and expectations of the prospects. It helps a business to make effective business strategies keeping in mind their behaviors. At present, more than 80% marketers are using social media as an effective digital marketing tool to promote their business. Here are some top 4 trends you must follow in 2017 to make get the ultimate results-

Live video streaming is creating a buzz

Live video is the hottest trend that is going to rock in the year 2017. Many marketers did the experiment with real time video last year. In 2017, about 48% businesses are planning to add YouTube in their digital marketing strategy. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, are probably the best social media sites for live videos streaming. Now, the users are able to capture live events and share them in real time. Ask your digital marketing company to post some live videos in to promote your business.

Social Chat Bots are going up

Chat bots will continue to generate lots of rings in 2017. It is an amazing way to get engaged with customers in real time through artificial intelligence. According to chat bots magazine, this service is controlled with any particular set of rules and AI and allows a person to interact with through a chat interface. It facilitates the users to access information for various brands with ease. It can be an ultimate communications solution for your business. All you need to do is make an investment in interactive social media marketing for your community.

Facebook is still the leader

Just like last year, Facebook is the leader in social media. Facebook will continue to administer social media usage, video and advertising this year. In spite of the growing popularity of various other platforms, including twitter, Instagram and Google plus, etc. social media users are not ready to leave the Facebook. So, it is the best platform to explore more and more users. The marketers are supposed to focus on an effective Facebook marketing strategy keeping in mind customer’s behavior and their expectations. Promote your Facebook page and be active on that to hit lots of prospect clients.

Constant use of paid content

Being a marketer, your aim should be to satisfy and entrain the users through interesting and engaging content. With the rising competition and rapidly changing social media algorithms, it is not easy to obtain success with organic content. You may need to invest in paid content to get the desired success. Invest in interesting content that your readers will enjoy. It is important to make sure that you post only high quality and engaging content for your prospects, which is written by professional writers only.