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Responsive website design means that the elements on your website (i.e., texts, images, videos) automatically adjust according to what device it is being visited from.

SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly websites make it easy for search engine crawlers to assess the website and get a good understanding of it.

WEBSITE Available in Easy Steps

The final aspect of web development deals more with the user interface and user experience than the behind the scenes framework. Web design deals with how the website is arranged and arrayed, so that the visitor can have the easiest navigation experience. The layout of the website should have the optimal mix of text, graphics, images, videos, along with blogs, articles and external links.

When all the above three elements are brought together in the perfect combination, then the visitors not only find the website attractive on their first visit, but they also find it useful as they browse around the different pages, and even find it worthwhile to return later for carrying out some transaction on the website. The website needs to have a specific purpose which is very well etched out to the web development team. Only if the web development team is made aware of the background of the company and the purpose of setting up the company, will they be able to create the website accordingly. At the same time, the website should also be able to make it amply clear to visitors what is the purpose of the website. A visitor who moves around the pages, admiring the attractive pictures and videos, but shuts down the window assuming that he would need to go to a brick and mortar shop to buy is a wasted opportunity, and the website should make it very clear how the visitor can purchase from the website directly. The purpose of the website would guide the tilt of the web development team. For example, if the website is of a news aggregator, then readability might be the prime concern. But if the website is created for e-commerce, then all the information might not make for very readable text always, but the website should have very good search capabilities for specific products.

We bring you very dependable web development services from Optimized Infotech in Pune, providing the very best in web design, WordPress use, and also HTML5 programming. Our team has the perfect mix of experienced seniors and enthusiastic juniors, and we can develop your website from our location at Pune or we can place our team at your premises during the web development cycle, if you prefer.

We also have a world class training program for web development, which would equip trainees with all aspects of creating a website and making it attractive to visitors. Every company would develop its own website today, hence a person having done a web development course will always be in demand as a professional. Our courses offer the most qualified faculty who ensure that enough practical exposure is also provided to the trainees. Come, visit our offices to speak to our counsellor, and understand the different benefits of our web development course.

The first is the backend of the website, which consists of the code written using a programming language like HTML. Almost every website today depends on HTML5 development, and therefore the web development team needs a good quality programmer to develop the coding framework of the website. A good HTML5 development process not only ensures a good user experience for the visitor, but also brings in several elements of search engine optimization into the webpages of the website, thereby enabling the website to get a high rank on the search engine results pages, which in turn increases the likelihood of visitors to the website.

The second aspect of web development is the use of a content management system like WordPress. WordPress is a very user friendly tool which incorporates several useful features which allow anyone to create a website. WordPress contains several themes which would give an attractive look to the website. User experience can be enhanced by the use of free or premium plugins and widgets on the website.

Increase your client for better business

The Marketing Industry in India is gigantic, with a huge number of companies and start-ups established in recent times. They are spending a huge amount of money on digital marketing.
Since the last few decades, a revolution has taken place in the tech world. With the
advancement of technology, people have advanced themselves too. It is because of this reason itself; people prefer digital content over print content. Optimized Infotech is one such place who is offering a wide solution of digital marketing.
Digital marketing is the need of every industry, be it Television, Print, Radio, Gaming or any other Industry. The drastic shift of people from print media to online media has changed the way we advertise. Earlier, the advertisements were used to be given in the newspapers, journals, posters and banners were placed on the streets advertise a product. But, things have changed a lot with the innovation of technology. It is generally preferred to normally install an application on the mobile and receive a buzz whenever there is a new update.

We provide expert services for – Different types of digital marketing processes which are being used widely by our digital marketing experts to promote your product or service online. We promote your business with different digital marketing process like Search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click, ad campaigns and many more.


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What makes us different apart from other digital marketing companies in Pune, India.

We completely focus ROI.

We monitor the complete process and result.

Marketing automation.

Our talented team is completely dedicated to your success.

Our commitment is unmatched to other companies.

Believe in long term relationship in business.

A long year experience in SEO, SEM, SMM, Content writing, PPC, Email marketing, Ad campaigns and so on.

100% Transparency.

We are in this business since more than 10 years now with expert team with us, provides variety of different tactics, strategies and various online tools to help your business achieve marketing and sales goals. We have great experience of creating and executing several campaigns for many companies which help gain more leads and customers to your business. seamless support and providing quality service is what we believe in.


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Years of experience with the worlds leading tech platforms – the most effective growth tools armed and ready, working harmoniously to grow your brand and take it to the next level.


Web Development Services in Pune

Web development refers to the creating, building, and maintaining of websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. It is the creation of an application that works over the internet i.e. websites.

E-Commerce Web Design Services in Pune

E-commerce is powered by the internet. Customers use their own devices to access online stores. They can browse products and services those stores offer and place orders.

Design Services in Pune

In digital design, user interface (UI) refers to the interactivity, look, and feel of a product screen or web page, while user experience (UX) covers a user's overall experience with the product or website. Read on to find out what it takes to design engaging UI, and create a memorable UX.

Customization for Business Needs

Web development services provide tailored solutions. Whether its an e-commerce platform, content management system, or a dynamic web application.

Web & App Maintenance

Clients often suppose that as soon as their product is released there’s nothing left to do. But it’s not so simple. Web applications are constantly growing and evolving, and must be maintained. Keeping apps secure, stable, useful and up-to-date takes time.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective is the main element in Web design and development. Getting the advanced services in a pocket friendly way is all that any organisation can ask for.

Annual maintenances services of website

Website maintenance allows you to keep up with new trends so that your site will stay current and relevant. It’s possible for a business with an outdated or malfunctioning website to turn things around by investing time and money into proper Website Maintenance.

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